20 Aug 2018
Low invasive breast surgery workshop (needle biopsy, sentinel biopsy) for General surgeons was held in Mashhad in 16 August 2018 by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences with the cooperation of Parto Negar Persia Company
28 Jul 2018
Dr. Emami Razavi, the head of the Neurology Research Center visited Parto Negar Persia Company along with Dr. Guillaume Howard, the Regional Health Advisor of in the Middle East on July 22, 2018.
19 Mar 2018
Yesterday, December 17th, Dr. Qarib head of The HOA, accompanying Dr. Amiri and Dr. Farhadi visited Parto Negar Persia Company.
08 Jan 2018
December 4th, Dr. Masaeli head of Medical Devices Department (MDD) visited Parto Negar Persia and had meeting with Dr.Ay CEO
12 Dec 2017
The ProSPECT is installed in the nuclear medicine department of Emam Khomeini hospital
24 Nov 2017
Installation of the hand held gamma camera (SURGEOSIGHT) designed by Parto Negar Persia Co. in the Comprehensive pre-clinical laboratory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
01 Oct 2017
More than 30 nuclear medicine centers, laboratories and specialized gastroenterology clinics around the country use Urea breath test system manufactured by...
22 Sep 2017
Preclinical researches performed by HiReSPECT in Persian Gulf Nuclear Medicine Academic Institute