12 Sep 2017
The quality control process of the new Cardiac SPECT imaging named ProSPECT is started. The ProSPECT system will be ready to use about one month later.
12 Aug 2017
Frist Preclinical PET Scanner (Xtrim) designed and developed In Iran
12 Jul 2017
This is one of the first animal images we obtained using our newly-developed PET scanner (Xtrim)
12 Jun 2017
Dedicated hot rod phantom was used for tomographic performance evaluation of the system
24 May 2016
The primary results of preclinical PET system (Xtrim) in PNP Co
22 May 2016
The 19th Iran Health exhibition held in Tehran International permanent fairgrounds from 15th to 18th of May 2016
01 May 2016
The fourth exhibition of equipment made in Iran was held April 24th to 27th, 2016. Parto Negar Persia company presented its products at the exhibition.
03 Mar 2016
Parto Negar Persia company aiming to improve the quality of their products and got the first CE Certificate for HeliGuide in March 2016.
22 Feb 2016
Fredrik Gyllenram, Günes Yavuz and Masoud Jadidi visited Parto Negar Persia on 16th February 2016.
12 Dec 2015
On 9-10 November 2015, in the first health technology conference and exhibition, the RoboSPECT system was disclosed in the opening ceremony of the conference.