UBT system: HeliGuide model

UBT is recommended by European Helicobacter pylori experts as the first choice and the most reliable non-invasive test for diagnosing an active infection as well as for follow-up of eradication of infection.

When performing the UBT, the patient is given an oral dose of 14C labeled urea. If Helicobacter pylori are present in the stomach, labeled CO2 is present in exhaled air shortly after intake of labeled urea. 10 minutes after the patient has swallowed 14C labeled urea, the patient exhales into Breath Card. 14C is a beta emitter, so Breath Card is inserted into the system for counting beta activity of Breath Card. The result is presented 250 seconds later as “infected” or “not infected”.


Detector Specifications:

  • Geiger-Muller beta counter
  • Consist of two pancake detector for 4π detection angle.
  • 10 centimeters stile shielding for background emission.

System Specifications:

  • Character LCD
  • Card detector sensor
  • Detector contamination Alarm
  • Result calculation: 250 sec
  • 9 DC – 4W Adapter

Environment Requirements:

  • One phase 220 volt Power (for adaptor input)
  • Dimensions: 15 × 15.5 × 21 (depth × height × width)
  • Weight: 4Kg
  • Temperature range: 15° - 35°C


HeliGuide software is designed in order to recording patient list and test results and printing the result.

  • Capability of Recording Laboratory specification (as name, logo, address & …)
  • Capability of Recording patient specification (as name, test result , contact informations & …)

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