Whole Body SPECT Imaging

Dual Head Variable Angle General SPECT System

The device provides whole body imaging with high accuracy which can increase your vision and help enhance diagnostic abilities in a reliable way.Innovative detector design and advanced scanning capabilities can help to improve image quality. In addition, high image quality is achieved with reduced dose. Device geometry and modern design cause high efficiency. Ergonomic design and a wide gantry bore combined with modern robotics for quick setup and considerably reduced acquisition times and improve the reputation of your scan.
Other advantages such as easy to use hand controller, user friendly acquisition station and real-time access make it more practical nuclear imaging system. The product also includes excellent support with local service.

• Increased efficiency: Short time scans with low noise and high sensitivity, simple and automated acquisition and camera setup can help improve productivity and make possible few minutes imaging time
• Outstanding image quality: dedicated and Innovative detector design with square high performance PMT and advanced scanning capabilities can help to improve image quality the system offers
• Dose management: High detector performance permits to decrease patient injected dose
• Patient comfort: Ergonomic gantry design and a wide gantry bore combine with heavy duty mechanic make the system very stable
• Excellent support: Maximum uptime and usability with expert engineering
• Easy to use hand controller: very simple manual control
• User friendly acquisition station: very simple setup for acquisition

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