A Professional Solution for Cardiac Imaging

ProSEPCT II, is our third generation, dedicated cardiac SPECT system powered with durable, stroung and heavy duty gantry. It combines improvements in durability and patient comfort. The lowest bed position guarantees easy access even for patients with limited mobility. This generation can scan patients without any limitation in size and  weight. ProSEPCT II, as dedicated dual head cardiac SPECT system can be easily upgraded to whole body general SPECT only with changing the detector configuration and size.

ProSEPCT II, main specifications:

• Patient handling
- No limitation on patient weight and size
- Designed for patient comfort and increased versatility
- Low table height to ride patient specially patients with limited mobility

• Gantry
- Easy to install
- Low attenuation patient bed for improved image quality
- Durable mechanical parts with low maintenance costs
- Optimal detector design for cardiology with minimum dead zone
- Adjustable radius of rotation (ROR) to minimize distance to patients
- ultra low weight collimator

- A wireless ECG system using dry-contact electrodes
- Optional list-mode gated
- SPECT acquisition
- User selectable stop criteria (time, counts or beats)

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