Parto Negar Persia (PNP) Company was established and registered in Tehran on 2010 which specializes in design, produce, installation and maintenance of medical imaging equipment. PNP has been designed and developed different NM systems including:
- Small Animal SPECT (HiReSPECT)
- Cardiac SPECT (RoboSPECT)
- Hand Held Gamma Camera (Surgeosight)
- Gamma Probe (Sergeoguide)
- Urea Breath Test (UBT)
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  • I routinely use this system in my surgeries. I fully satisfy with this system and almost perform more than 120 surgery with SrguioGuide gamma probe.
  • I used srguioguide Gamma probe produced by PNP in my surgeries, I fully satisfied. With its performance. However we are evaluating this system in a systematic study.
  • We have two Gamma probe from PNP and using these routinely in our operation. The performance of these system is fully comparable with other famous brands.
  • In my opinion working with Surgeoguide system is very simple and the sensitivity and accuracy of this system is similar to Europrobe.