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Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative spirally shaped bacteria that exclusively exists in the mucosa of the stomach, particularly in the antrum. Helicobacter pylori causes gastritis which in turn can lead to ulcers and eventually cancer.
Hp-infection can be confirmed with different methods and tests such as gastroscopy, Urea Breath Tests (UBT), stool-antigen and serology. UBT is recommended by European Helicobacter pylori experts as the first choice and the most reliable non-invasive test for diagnosing an active infection as well as for follow-up of eradication of infection. 
The HeliGuide System works with the 14C isotope as a label. It is a completely “dry” method built around two key components; a single use disposable breath-collecting unit called BreathCard, and a 14CO2 breath analyzer, called HeliGuide Analyzer.Product Catalog ...