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  Control Farayand Pasargad (CFP) Co. was established in 2005 by a group of Elites approved by the National Elites Foundation as a Private Held company. It is the first private held company in designing, producing and supplying advanced nuclear electronics and robotic instruments. Now CFP has got and localized technical knowledge of designing and manufacturing Laboratory Electronic instruments with high speed and precision, among them a US patent, “method and system for discrimination pulse shape”. Based on the knowledge of our experts in CFP, we have Designed and produced particles separating systems using zero crossing of anode pulse (an important device for spectrometry, Laser and Nanotechnology laboratories) and published numerous papers in national and international Journals.

   Our current interest and also objective is working on gamma spectroscopy with an emphasis on medical applications. Today nearly one hundred radioisotopes are used in medical applications including diagnosis, therapy and investigations in nuclear medicine. As a popular example, thyroid disorders are now diagnosed and treated using 131I where these disorders were treated by a surgery before. Now in CFP we are working on developing new devices and optimizing our previously produced devices to become compatible with medical applications as dosimetry is a critical tool in medical applications of gamma spectroscopy. Read more ...

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